Why do energy efficient light bulbs buzz?
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Why do energy efficient light bulbs buzz?

Do you have buzzing bulbs? If so you are going to be wondering why do energy efficient light bulbs buzz? And what can you do about it? Let’s find out.

Why do energy efficient light bulbs buzz?

First of all, it’s probably not the lightbulbs themselves that are causing that annoying buzzing noise, but the light switch. And if that’s the case, chances are it’s a dimmer switch. Am I right?

A buzzing dimmer switch is a sure sign that the energy efficient bulbs you are using aren’t actually meant to be dimmed. They might be the fluorescent energy efficient bulbs or the newer LEDs.

It’s a question we get a lot: Are LED bulbs dimmable? Or will LED bulbs work with dimmer switches?

The good news is that this is a simple fix. If you are using LED bulbs with your dimmer switch you just need to make sure they are dimmer-compatible or dimmable. They should normally say on the packaging. Here at Screwbulbs we have a wide range of both dimmable and non-dimmable energy efficient LED bulbs in a variety of sizes and fittings.

If you are using the compact fluorescent bulbs then unfortunately they aren’t designed for use with dimmers. But you can easily switch to LEDs for even more energy saving, longer bulb life, and dimmer compatibility!

It’s also possible, if your electrics are old, that the dimmer switch itself is outdated and no longer compatible with the newer, much lower power, energy saving bulbs. Dimmer switches control the power that goes to the bulb to change its brightness. Now that energy saving bulbs use as little as 10% of the energy of traditional bulbs the older dimmers aren’t fine tuned to that small a wattage.

You don’t have to suffer buzzing bulbs. It’s most likely a compatibility issue between a dimmer switch and your new light bulbs and is easy to fix.

Photo by Michael Weibel on Unsplash

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