When you are used to traditional incandescent bulbs, making the switch to LEDs can be a bit confusing. But it’s simple to find the right LED bulb to use with the right information.

How do I know which LED bulb to use?

LED bulbs are really easy to use and suitable for a wide range of uses, so you will definitely find the right bulb. You can find answers to your questions here, or on the pages for the different bulbs.

How do I know which LED bulb to use?How do I know which LED bulb will replace my current bulbs?

The packaging and information on LED bulbs will tell you the equivalent brightness and power to an old fashioned incandescent bulb. They come in the same brightness so can be swapped like for like. The difference is they will use much less electricity and so cost less to run.

What about using LEDs on stairs?

There used to be an issue with energy efficient lightbulbs taking a few moments to reach their full brightness. This made people think they couldn’t be used on stairs and in some areas where you need high brightness immediately. But this isn’t a problem with modern LED bulbs. You get great light straight away and they can be used in any room.

How do I know which LED bulb to use for cold temperatures?

All LEDs work well in colder temperatures. They are much better to use in garages, sheds, outdoor lights and so on than any of the other kinds of bulbs. They actually get more efficient the colder it gets.

Which LED bulb to use for specialist fittings?

LED bulbs do work with enclosed, airtight fittings, and also with dimmer switches and so on. To make sure you have a compatible bulb check for specialist versions for that use. Enclosed fixtures, for instance, don’t have the air flow that a normal LED bulb needs to function most efficiently.