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Find the LED screw bulbs you need. We’ve got all your options covered.

LED screw bulbs are a great fit for any room in the house and for any purpose. All LED bulbs get to full brightness instantly and work perfectly even in colder temperatures so you can use them outdoors or in stairways. The clear bulb and filament design makes them look great in statement light fittings.

No matter which bulb you choose you will be getting 30,000 hours of light with an LED screw bulb – compared to only one thousand with a traditional filament bulb.

Plus they use drastically less power to produce the same amount of light as their old-fashioned counterparts. 6W LED screw bulbs pack the same power as a 60W older bulb, and 3W is the equivalent of 35W.

LEDs produce the same amount of lumens – that is, visible light – for 10% of the wattage from a traditional bulb. Added to that, they last much longer.

Replacing the older, traditional bulbs, in your house means more energy savings – that’s money off your energy bill and less impact on the environment. They are even better value than the previous generation of CFLs – or compact fluorescent lighting – distinctive tube-shaped bulbs with a cloudy finish.

LED screw bulbs use the screw cap base and will fit your existing screw bulb light fittings of the same size. If you need bayonets or spotlights, or perhaps even a base cap adaptor, we have plenty of those too!

Choose from dimmable or non-dimmable, full-size E27 bulbs or the smaller E14, round globe or candle shape bulbs, brighter 6W or gentler 3W lights and from warm white or cool white colours. All the options help you quickly and easily get the exact bulb you need.

Make the right decision with our detailed information on each bulb and a guide to your choices.