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Pick out your perfect LED bayonet bulbs with our great range of options.

These LED bayonet bulbs can replace older bayonet caps in any room in the house being used for any purpose. LEDs come to full power instantly and work well outside in cold temperatures too. With a clear bulb and trendy filament design they look fantastic in light fixtures that make a statement.

Whatever options you pick for your LED bayonet bulbs they use a fraction of the power of traditional bulbs. The energy-saving LED equivalent of an older 60W bulb is now 6W with an LED, and 35W is 3W. That’s a huge difference in the energy consumption – for the same amount of light.

Plus, you get 30,000 hours of light per bulb. By comparison, old-fashioned bulbs only have a lifetime of 1000 hours.

By replacing the old-fashioned, traditional bulbs in your home you can save on your energy bills and be more environmentally friendly. You may have transitioned to the previous generation of Compact Fluorescent Lights – or, CFLs – but LEDs are even more efficient with a significantly longer lifespan.

LED bayonet bulbs use the distinctive pronged bayonet cap base, known as B22. They will fit any of your compatible B22 light fittings. If you need screw bulbs or spotlights, or want to switch with a base cap adaptor, you can find those too.

To build your bulb choose from dimmer-switch compatible or non-dimmable, rounded globe lights or candle shapes, powerful 6W or gentler 3W bulbs, and from a warm yellowish-white or bluish cool white colours. Quickly and easily put together the options so you get the perfect bulb exactly suited to your needs and the lighting you want to create.

There are full, detailed descriptions and a guide to each bulb to help with your choices.