LED lightbulb benefits - saving moneyThere are lots of benefits to LED lightbulbs both to you and the environment.

Top LED lightbulb benefits: saving money

This is the main reason for people switching to LED lightbulbs. They are far more energy efficient than regular bulbs which means they use less electricity, which saves on your energy bills.

Energy bills just seem to be going up and up but changing to LED lightbulbs and being more aware of switching off lights when you don’t need them will make a big difference.

Even though LED lightbulbs cost more than traditional lightbulbs you still benefit from saving money. Over time your LED bulb will save you money rather than a traditional lightbulb and they also last much, much longer.

LED lightbulb benefits for saving energy

When you switch to LED lightbulbs you are doing your bit for the environment. If we can all cut our energy use with more efficient lighting then we don’t need to produce as much electricity and can rely on renewable energy more. It is an essential step in fighting climate change.

In a traditional lightbulb a lot of the electricity is wasted in heating up the bulb, rather than producing light. But LED bulbs don’t need to heat a metal filament in the same way and produce next to no heat as a side effect of the light. This makes them far more efficient and uses a lot less electricity.

Less DIY with LED lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs last for up to 50,000 hours – that’s 17 years of eight hours a day light. You might not get nearly two decades of light out of your bulb but it’s certainly better than about two years with an old fashioned incandescent bulb. Plus, when LED bulbs do need changing they don’t fizz out all of a sudden, they just get dimmer and less effective.

That’s a lot less DIY for you changing bulbs all the time.