LED lightbulbs have so many advantages over other bulbs. The most common other types of lightbulbs are the old fashioned incandescent bulb that uses a filament, and the compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) bulb.

LED lightbulb advantagesWhat are the LED lightbulb advantages?

LED bulbs have lots of advantages over these other kinds of bulbs, both for you, in saving on your energy use, and also for the environment.

LED lightbulbs and the energy efficiency advantage

Because LED bulbs have a completely different design to old fashioned bulbs it allows them to run on much less energy. They don’t make any excess heat to waste – which is where most of the energy in a traditional lightbulb goes. You will notice that they are easy to handle even when they have been on a long time.

The big LED lightbulb advantage: Saving money

Less energy being used means less energy being spent. For both homes and businesses energy bills are a big issue. You can save money by making the switch to LED bulbs. They produce just as much light on a lot less electricity.

LED lightbulbs are long lasting

A huge advantage of LED lightbulbs is how long they can last. Just have a look at this comparison:

  • Incandescent: 1,000 hours
  • CFL: 10,000
  • LED: 50,000

That’s 50 times longer than your traditional bulbs.

Yes, LED lightbulbs cost a bit more than the others when you first buy them. But because they are so efficient and so long lasting they make up for that in the long run.

LED lightbulb advantages in being easy to use

LED lightbulbs are just as easy to use as traditional bulbs, despite being much more advanced. They can be used indoors or outdoors, in homes or businesses, in all temperatures, all different kinds of fittings and with dimmer switches. You can get LED bulbs specifically for dimmers or for enclosed fittings and they come in all different sizes, formats, and brightness.