How to choose energy saving light bulbs
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How to choose energy saving light bulbs

The range of energy saving light bulbs can look overwhelming. So we’re going to talk about how to choose energy saving light bulbs and look at your options in-depth.

When you are looking at energy saving light bulbs all the various options should be clearly displayed on the packaging. At ScrewBulbs we have clear descriptions that quickly show all the essential options for you to choose from.

This picture of our typical order page shows the lumens, wattage, expected life hours, and voltage towards the top. Lower down are the options for dimmable bulbs, which base cap size you need, the shape if it comes in different shapes, wattage and the colour or “warmth”.

Example ScrewBulbs bulb listing

How to choose energy saving light bulbs – the options

Lumens are a measurement of brightness. The old 35W bulbs gave off about 330 lumens, which is now the equivalent of the 3W bulbs. 650 lumens is now a 6W bulb, comparable to the old 60W.

The base cap type refers to the different kind of light fixtures – LED screw bulbs, LED bayonet bulbs and LED spotlight bulbs. This code should be on your light fitting and manual, and on your old bulbs.

You can use LED bulbs with dimmer switches, you just need to make sure you buy the dimmable bulbs. These should be listed as dimmer-compatible, dimmer-friendly, or dimmable.

The shape is the shape of the bulb. The clear globe is the regular round light bulb look. Some aren’t clear and are opaque, shaded or translucent. The candle is another popular shape with the pointed tip.

Choosing the wattage of your bulb determines their brightness and energy consumption. Energy saving LED light bulbs use only a fraction – about 10% – of their predecessors energy.

The colour, “warmth” or hue of the bulb can also be chosen. Cool colours are more towards the blue end of the spectrum and warm colours are more yellow. Choosing different colour bulbs for different areas is a great lighting trick.

We’re confident you’ll be able to find your perfect bulb at ScrewBulbs and hope this guide on how to choose energy saving light bulbs helped!

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