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Energy saving light bulb equivalent wattage

When you are making the switch to LED bulbs one of your biggest questions is going to be about the energy saving light bulb equivalent wattage. Which new bulbs do you need for the same amount of light? What works with your light fixtures?

Energy saving light bulb equivalent wattage questions

It’s really straightforward to find the equivalent wattage for energy saving bulbs. Plus, because retailers and manufacturers know that this is something people are worried about, they have lots of great information on the packaging or in descriptions. You won’t find yourself with the wrong bulb if you read their guidance.

A quick rule of thumb shows that the wattage of an energy saving bulb is about one-tenth that of a traditional bulb.

  • 60W = 6W energy saving light bulb equivalent wattage
  • 35W = 3W

So to get the amount of light a 60W bulb put out, you now only need to use 6W! It’s easy to see how the energy savings stack up!

It’s because energy saving LED bulbs run so much more efficiently than the traditional filament bulbs. In the old-fashioned bulbs, a lot of that energy was going on heating up the filament in order to provide the light. That meant a lot of excess energy was being used to make unnecessary heat. It also wore out the bulb a lot quicker.

In contrast, energy saving light bulbs produce almost no heat. You can feel this yourself, you can even touch them immediately after they have been turned off. The power the new LED bulbs use all goes into light so they need a lot less of it. They also have an average lifespan of around 30,000 hours – huge compared to just 1000 hours from a traditional bulb.

So as long as you check the packaging you will be able to find the energy saving light bulb equivalent wattage and be confident you are getting the best bulb.

Photo by Evan Smogor on Unsplash

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