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Can you dim energy saving light bulbs?

Can you dim energy saving light bulbs? There have been a lot of changes in light bulb technology recently so it’s understandable people get confused about which bulbs do what and how they are different from each other.

Dimmer switches are popular all over the house – in the living room to create an ambience, or in children’s bedrooms. They are a great way to control your lighting and easy to set up and use. But as more and more people make the switch to LEDs they wonder if you can dim energy saving bulbs.

Can you dim energy saving light bulbs and other questions

Happily, for all those dimmers out there that are in need of some energy saving – yes, you can.

There’s just the small consideration that you need to pick an energy saving light bulb that is made specially for dimmer switches. These are common and will be labelled as “dimmable” or “dimmer switch compatible”. They are different because there just needs to be a small change in how the bulb regulates energy. The bulbs are still just as energy-saving and efficient as non-dimming bulbs.

If your dimmer switch itself is much older it is possible that it might also need replacing. If you are having trouble with dimmer LEDs in your dimmer switch this might be the cause.

Again, this is due to a small change that needs to be made to adapt dimmers to energy saving bulbs. Dimmer switches reduce the power to the bulb, which reduces the light. Because LED energy saving bulbs use so little power anyway they have to be specifically adapted for use in dimmer switches – and the dimmer switch does too.

Once all your bulbs and switches are on the same page you won’t have any problem with use energy saving light bulbs in your dimmer switch. Most people won’t need to worry about the switch and just need to double-check their new bulbs are dimmable.

ScrewBulbs has dimmable versions of all our bulbs – just chose the option when you are picking your bulb.

Photo by Aditya Vyas on Unsplash

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