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Are LED light bulbs dimmable?

Dimmable light bulbs are useful all over the house – to create a mood in the living room or for a bit of comfort in a child’s bedroom. If you use dimmer switches one of your big questions in switching over to LED bulbs will be, are LED light bulbs dimmable?

So, are LED light bulbs dimmable?

The good news is, you can get your energy saving LED light bulbs in dimmable versions too!

There are a few points to bear in mind though.

Not all LED bulbs will work in a dimmer switch. So you need to keep an eye out for “dimmable” or “dimmer-compatible” bulbs. At ScrewBulbs we have dimmable versions of all our LED light bulbs – you just need to choose that option when you order.

Why aren’t all LED bulbs dimmable? Because LED light bulbs use so much less energy than normal bulbs they need a slightly different design to use in a dimmer switch. As long as you get dimmer-compatible bulbs they will work perfectly.

Very old dimmer switches were designed for much higher wattage bulbs and might not work with the very energy efficient LEDs. You need much less energy for LED bulbs and the dimmer switch needs to match. These dimmer switches will be marked as “trailing edge” or as compatible with LED bulbs.

How will you know something is wrong? Your LED bulbs will flicker on and off if they are used in a dimmer switch that is overpowering them with electricity or if they are not designed for dimming. It’s not dangerous but very noticeable. If that happens you will need to check that either the bulbs are dimmable or that the dimmer switch is a more modern LED compatible version.

Newer dimmer switches are probably dimmer-compatible already. The use of energy-saving light bulbs and LEDs has been growing for years. So manufacturers know how important energy efficiency is. So you might not need to make any changes – just switch over to LED light bulbs and enjoy your reduced energy bills!

Photo by Alex Robert on Unsplash

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